Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Kristen's Vegan Enchiladas

John and I drove up to Denton to visit my sister during Memorial Day weekend back in May. She made us the most delicious vegan enchiladas. I'll share my variation of her recipe with you here! For four GIANT enchiladas (we buy the big "burrito-size" flour tortillas) you will need:

4 big flour tortillas
3 cans enchilada sauce (we used two red, one green)
1 can green chilis (use the diced, not the whole)
half an onion
garlic clove
two big poblano peppers (we used one because we only had one in the fridge)
cheese, shredded (my sister uses expensive fake cheese)
1 lb. ground meat (fake or not fake; I used meatless grounds, John used ground chuck)
Taco seasoning (we used Taco bell brand - pretty sure it's vegan)
---My sister uses vegan Taco filling (instead of meat plus seasoning)
some corn (my sister uses canned, but we used frozen corn left over in our freezer)
chopped lettuce & tomato (for the topping)
some tortilla chips, for scooping and eating the leftover slop on your plate!

This serves 4. One of these bad boys is enough to fill you up, so don't even think about making a rice and bean side!

First thing you want to do is get that poblano in some boiling water. Boil it until it's soft. When it's done, clean out the insides and cut it however you'd like. (I cut it into long thin strips, Kristen halves it.) In the meantime, prepare your meat. Shred your cheese.

Saute chopped onion and garlic before adding the meat. Add meat and "brown" it for a bit. Then add taco seasoning and a little water. When it's about done, add some corn and green chili.

This is my fake meat:
This is John's chuck:
I don't know about you, but I think the fake meat looks WAY more appetizing. (Even John said his meat looks gross in comparison to mine.) We both used about a pound of meat so we had leftovers. (I used mine for awesome nachos the next day!)

So after your meat is done and you've finished cleaning and cutting your poblano, it's time to stuff your tortillas! I put our long strips of poblano on the tortilla first, then fake meat, then shredded cheese. John added some additional chopped onion to his. When you're done stuffing down the middle of the tortillas, fold them like burritos but without folding the ends.

Here's our side-by-side prep. Mine on the left, John's on the right:

Grease/oil your dish (I used an olive oil spray) and pour some enchilada sauce in the bottom (we used red). Then gently place your enchiladas in the dish. Pour more enchilada sauce over the top (we used green AND red here - has a nice swirl look to it) Add some shredded cheese on top.
Place in the oven at 350 and bake until the cheese is gooey. (Kristen warms them in the oven for 15 minutes and then broils for a little bit to melt the cheese.) Here are our dishes, going into the oven side-by-side. :-)
Top with lettuce and tomato (and onion, if you'd like) once out of the oven and on a plate. You could also pour some more enchilada sauce from the baking dish on top of the enchiladas if you'd like.
We had LOTS of enchilada sauce left over in the dishes, so you could probably get away with just using two cans instead of three. But leftover enchilada sauce is a great dip for tortilla chips, so take advantage - don't just toss it!


Saturday, July 3, 2010

Easy Empanada Muffins (à la Katie)

I got this idea from my friend Katie, who wrote about Easy Empanada Muffins in her blog. She even made up the name herself. :)

We unrolled some Pillsbury dough and pushed squares of it into a muffin tin. Then, we spooned our filling into the little dough pockets. This time, our filling included sauteed onions, garlic, pinto beans, cheddar cheese, hot sauce, and tomato. John cooked up some ground beef and added some of that to his. (I say "this time" because we plan to try variations like pizza muffins and ratatouille muffins.) Then we folded the the dough corners over the top and stuck 'em in the oven. John included some extra shredded cheddar on the top of his.

If you really want to try this, you should read Katie's blog. She's much more descriptive.